Being a second year student brings a whole host of challenges as you continue to navigate your college experience. Listed below are some resources that are available to students throughout the year, that are applicable to the second year experience:

Undergraduate Research and Artistry (OURA)
Education Abroad
Exploratory Studies
Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement
Campus Recreation- Outdoor Adventure Programs

Other important links for second year students:

TILT’s Learning Programs are designed to enhance the educational experience of students at Colorado State University by enhancing academic skills, supporting work in courses, providing preparation for life after graduation, and offering enrichments that go beyond the classroom. These programs include tutorial programs, academic skills workshops and coaching, online study skills resources, academic enrichment programs, private study areas and more!

The Career Center, located in the Lory Student Center empowers students to pursue satisfying careers through the development of individualized career plans. Whether students are just beginning their college experience or approaching graduation, they’re here to help you every step of the way. Take time to explore their website and take advantage of our online resources. The Career Center offers many services to assist you in achieving your career goals, including: Individual Career Counseling appointments, Personality and Career Assessments, Career and Major Exploration tools, Resume / Cover Letter / Personal Statement development, Interviewing Skill development and Practice Interviews, Job and Internship Search Strategies, Job and Internship postings on CareerRAM, Career Interviews, and multiple Career Fairs every year!

Services offered by Off Campus Student Life:

  • RentalSearch: CSU RentalSearch gives students access to rental listings accessible only by students. The goal of CSU Rental Search is to help students find a place to rent in an easy to use format.
  • Rideshare: Are you planning a ski trip? Maybe there’s a great concert in Denver this weekend! Or you’d like to carpool on a regular basis to and from school. Whatever the reason, use CSU Rideshare and find your ride today!
  • Party Packs: If you are planning on celebrating with an off-campus party, make sure you pick up your Party Pack. The Party Pack has a lot of useful items and information to help you have a great party without any problems.  Pick up your free Party Pack at Off-Campus Life
  • Party Registration: Hosting an off-campus party? If so, remember to register it at the Off-Campus Life to avoid a $1,000 noise violation fine and misdemeanor on your criminal record.
  • Landlord/Tenant Handbook: Whether you’re a first-time landlord or tenant, or a veteran the extent to which you are involved in your rental relationship is up to you. By knowing what protections and restrictions are in place, potential conflicts and misunderstandings will be minimized. Landlords and tenants will be better able to work together to ensure a successful tenancy.

Good health is important to your academic success. The CSU Health Network [link to] is your home for integrated health care while you’re at CSU. Services include primary medical care, counseling, psychiatry, physical therapy, optometry, dental and more. 

By paying student fees, you pay to use the CSU Health Network. These fees provide unlimited primary care and psychiatry visits and up to five individual/couples counseling sessions per semester at no extra charge. They subsidize areas such as lab, radiology and pharmacy, allowing services to be provided at lower costs. Students taking fewer than six credits have the option to pay the student health and counseling fees. You do not have to be enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to use the CSU Health Network, but the CSU SHIP provides additional benefits. 

For more information on programs for second year students, contact us at, (970) 491-7711.