Transfer On-Campus Ram Orientation

Our on-campus orientation is a 1 day program that allows students to connect with peers, campus resources, and current students, take a campus tour, and participate in group advising and register for classes.

This experience provides students the opportunity to become acquainted with campus, make connections and get their questions answered. This orientation format is offered throughout June and July. To pick the session that best fits your schedule, view the Transfer On-Campus Ram Orientation Dates.

Starting Classes in Summer 2023?

On-Campus Ram Orientation Process

On-campus Ram Orientation is a 3 step process. All 3 steps must be completed to successfully finish orientation. If you have any questions about completing any of the steps, contact our office.

Step 1: Register for On-Campus Ram Orientation

Using your CSU eName and password, sign in to our Orientation Reservations system and select the session that is best for you. There is also a section for you to fill out with any AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment courses you have taken and the scores you earned (or anticipate earning). Be sure to fill out this section as fully as possible to ensure the most helpful Academic Advising and Course Registration experience at Orientation.

If you would like to register someone for Parent, Family, and Guest Orientation, you will be able to do that during the registration process as well.

Step 2: Complete the Required Orientation Modules

The Required Orientation modules will open May 1st. You will receive a direct link to your CSU email account with information about how to access and complete the Required Orientation modules. These online modules will provide you with information you need to know before attending your On-Campus Ram Orientation session. You must complete these online modules at least 1 week before your scheduled Ram Orientation session.

Step 3: Attend On-Campus Ram Orientation

During your 1 day Ram Orientation session, you will became acquainted with campus, make connections and get your questions answered. You will also learn about important resources designed to support you in your transition and meet current transfer students, adult learners and student veterans.  

View a sample Transfer Student Ram Orientation schedule. Note, the start and end time of the program will NOT change. Session type and times may change.

Adult Learner and Student Veteran Track

If you consider yourself an adult learner and/or a student veteran, we have designed a specific track for you!

Not sure if you are an adult learner? Let us help! Adult learner, nontraditional student, adult student, and student over traditional age are terms used interchangeably in reference to students who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • One or more children or other dependents
  • Working part-time or full-time to pay for college tuition and related expenses
  • Stopped out of school for an extended period of time
  • Married, partnered, single, divorced or widowed
  • Military background – veteran, reservist, active duty, national guard
  • Caring for an elderly parent or relative
  • Transferred from a two-year or four-year institution
  • Someone who is 23 years of age or older

If you believe you fall into one of these categories or simply think this term applies to you, we suggest signing up for the adult learner/veteran student track at Ram Orientation. This can be done in our orientation reservation system. The office of Adult Learner and Veteran Services will present vital information about what it means to be an adult learner and/or a veteran student starting at CSU and introduce you to the resources we have on campus to support your educational endeavors.

View a sample Adult Learner and Student Veterans schedule. Note, the start and end time of the program will NOT change. Session type and times may change.

If you have questions about the adult learner/student veteran track, call our office at (970) 491-6011 or email and we will help you decide which track is right for you!