Apply to be a Ram Welcome Event Assistant

Ram Welcome Event Assistants…

  • Provide substantial on-site support to Orientation and Transition Programs and the various Ram Welcome Event Coordinators with event production and general assistance for events; including (but not limited to): set-up, tear down, and preparation for the Ram Welcome Carnival, Ramapalooza, Convocation, the Parent & Family Welcome, Transfer/Adult/Student Veteran programming and more.
  • Support the Orientation and Transition Programs Office Assistants by assisting with various administrative duties as needed related to preparation for the Ram Welcome program.
  • Design an exceptional customer experience by serving as a resource to Orientation and Transition Programs staff and the various Ram Welcome Event Coordinators and being knowledgeable about all Ram Welcome programs and events as well as details for ensuring events occur successfully.
  • Engage in a comprehensive leadership development experience founded on the belief that personal and professional development are indefinitely linked.
  • Build professional confidence, develop communication skills, work with a diverse team of peers toward a common goal, and make lasting campus connections.
  • Make a lasting impact on Colorado State University while giving back to the campus community.

If you have any questions, contact Emely Cruz Arrazola

Position Description
Application Process

Complete the online application.

  • Complete your personal statement (500 words or less)
  • Submit your application materials no later than Sunday April 24th, 2022 by 11:59pm MST

If you have any difficulties, please contact Emely Cruz Arrazola at

Selection Timeline:

April 24th by 11:59pmCompleted applications due online
April 25th-27thIndividual interview notification and sign-up
April 28th-29th and May 2nd-3rdIndividual interviews
May 6thRam Welcome Event Assistant notification
Time Commitments

Note: To be eligible for this position, you must be available for ALL time commitments.  If you have any questions about these dates/times please contact Emely Cruz Arrazola at 

Spring 2022
Sunday, April 24th by 11:59pmApplication due online 
Thursday/Friday April 28th-29th and Monday/ Tuesday May 2nd-3rdIndividual interviews (if selected)In-Person and Zoom
Summer/Fall 2022
Wednesday, August 10th  Ram Welcome Event Assistant TrainingTBD
Thursday, August 11th Ram Welcome Event Assistant TrainingTBD
Friday, August 12th and Monday, August 15th – Saturday, August 20thRam WelcomeVarious Locations


The official period of employment will be from August 10-12th and 15-20, 2022 ONLY.


Ram Welcome Event Assistants must have at least a 2.6 cumulative grade point average to apply and must maintain at least a 2.6 cumulative grade point average during affiliation with Orientation and Transition Programs. Because we value student academic success, applicants with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.6, if hired, will be required to complete an academic success and improvement plan with supervisor in order to be eligible to serve in position.In addition, members of the Ram Welcome Event Assistant Team are expected to act as a public relations and information person on behalf of Colorado State University, exhibit behavior appropriate to University and civil regulations, demonstrate good customer service skills, fully participate in all training activities, and provide feedback concerning issues of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ram Welcome Event Assistants serve as the primary workforce behind the implementation of Ram Welcome and work August 10-12th and 15-20, 2022 only.They provide substantial on-site event support to Orientation and Transition Programs and the various Ram Welcome Event Coordinators as needed including event production and assistance for various Ram Welcome events including (but not limited to): set-up, tear down, and preparation for events. For more detailed information, see the position description.

Ram Welcome Leaders assist in the implementation of the Fall Ram Welcome program by working directly with students and leading them through the Ram Welcome schedule by facilitating small groups and ensuring students are attending Ram Welcome events. Ram Welcome Event Assistants do NOT work directly with students, but work closely with Orientation and Transition Programs and the Ram Welcome Event Coordinators on the coordination and production of Ram Welcome Events.

Ram Welcome Event Assistants will work August 10-12 and 15-20, 2022.  For a full list of anticipated time commitments, see Time Commitments/Important Dates .

We are looking for applicants who have a sincere interest in the position for the experience and to give back to the Colorado State University community. However, compensation consists of an hourly wage as scheduled by the official student wage scale of the University with a starting base no lower than $12.56 per hour.

There is no summer work as a Ram Welcome Event Assistant, However, selected Ram Welcome Event Assistants are asked to be available via e-mail over the summer as that is when updates, training information, etc. are sent out by Orientation & Transition Programs.

Ram Welcome Event Assistants do not live on campus during the time they are employed with the Ram Welcome program. However, if you are moving into the residence halls again in the fall, please indicate that on your application as we will coordinate an early move-in process/date for you with Residence Life prior to the start of Ram Welcome Event Assistant Training.

Yes, you can apply for both positions and stay in both the R.A. process and the Ram Welcome Event Assistant process. However, in the case of receiving an offer from the R.A. position, you must inform Orientation and Transition Programs immediately as you are not able to hold both positions in the fall.