Meet Your Year 2 @ CSU Board

The Year 2 Board Members are CSU students who work throughout the academic year to create programming that seek to support second year students!

Addie Kuettner

Residential Experience Coord.

Addie is from Colorado Springs, CO and is studying Natural Sciences with a concentration in Biology Education.

Some of Addie’s favorite memories from her second year include hanging out with friends at nearby Horsetooth Reservoir. Whether that was hiking, paddle boarding, or hammocking, Addie was all about it.

Aliya Getchell

Marketing and Communication Coord.

Aliya is from Centennial, CO and is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Aliya is also a fellow second-year student. Her favorite memory from last year was watching the only home football game we had in person against the University of Wyoming. Two of her friends who go to the University of Wyoming came down for the night. All of them huddled together to watch the game right outside the gates of Canvas Stadium. It was so cold!

Katt Hendershot

Outdoor Experiences Coord.

Katt is from Golden, CO and is studying Human Dimensions of Natural Resources with a minor in Geology and Conservation Biology.

Katt is a fellow second-year student, just like you! She is really excited to be on campus after being mostly online last year. Katt is also really looking forward to getting that traditional college experience this year. Her schedule is all fun classes and she’s going to be getting involved with many different programs.