Parents & Families

As a parent of family member, there are a multitude of ways you can assist your student in making the transition to their second year. In addition to exploring programs and services available at CSU, we encourage you to talk to your student about steps they are taking to prepare for year 2. Below are a list or resources you may find helpful in navigating the transition to year 2 alongside your student.

How is the second year different from the first year?

The second year of college is often just as difficult to navigate as the first. While the experience may no longer be new, unique challenges often arise in the second year that can catch students off guard. Some of the most common challenges faced by students in their second year of college include:

  • Identifying a major or change your major
  • Finding housing and navigating the difficulties of paying bills, finding roommates and communicating with landlords
  • Enrolling in more difficult classes and having to utilize new study habits
  • Managing time between academics, work, internships, relationships and other responsibilities
  • Feeling less connected to campus (especially if you live off campus)
  • Finding internships and work that relates to your major, passions or interests

Students who engage in any of the initiatives included in the Getting to Year 2 @ CSU campaign will be taking steps towards preparing themselves for their second year at CSU.

Resources for Parents and Families