As a second year student at CSU, you are an incredibly important part of the campus and community. Additionally, in your second year, you are faced with unique challenges ranging from feeling less connected to campus, choosing major, increasingly difficult classes, seeking out internships and opportunities to help further a career for you in your chosen field. Amidst these challeneges, the second year also brings even more exciting opportunities. Since you have a year's worth of experience of knowing where buildings and other things on campus are, you can look for new organizations to join, volunteer in the community or experience a new campus event!

Year 2 @ CSU is a program that supports second year students and provides opportunities for students to enhance and maintain their connection to CSU. Year 2 @ CSU includes:

Alternative Spring Break
The Alternative Break program is an immersion experience into different cultural, environmental and socioeconomic communities across the nation. Students provide service in exchange for education about current social and cultural issues facing the host communities. Second Year Students visit beautiful Boulder Creek, CA is home to YMCA Camp Campbell, an outdoor education camp set within the heart of the Redwood forest. Participants will serve as cabin counselors to a group of fifth and sixth grade students from schools all over Northern California. As counselors, alternative breakers will partake in nature hikes, camp songs and activities, and overall engagement in outdoor youth education. Banana slugs and compost included! This trip is planned in collaboration with Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLiCE) SLiCE office. Applications for the experience are due in the fall, training and the trip occur during the spring semester.

Academic Transition Workshops
Year 2 @ CSU partners with TILT Learning Programs to offer Academic Transition Workshops JUST for Second Year Students!  These workshops are designed with the unique traits and challenges of second year students in mind and include topics such as taking notes, time management, learning preferences, and much more. Academic Transition Workshops are held during the fall semester.

CSU! True Faculty Story Dinner Series
Year 2 @ CSU and TILT Learning Programs introduce the CSU True Faculty Story Dinner Series for second year students!  This program provides second year students with the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with faculty.  Second year students come together with professors and faculty from their colleges, departments, or similar backgrounds.  Each dinner will include a brief faculty keynote speaker who will share their true story with students.  These programs are college or population specific and occur during both the fall and spring semester.

Outdoor Experiences
Year 2 @ CSU and Campus Recreation Outdoor Programs have partnered to create day-long or overnight experiences for second year students!  These programs provide second year student the opportunity to connect with other second year students and experience the northern Colorado outdoors and experiencing Campus Recreations Outdoor program.  These programs are offered both during the fall and spring semester.

Online Event Calendar
The online event calendar provides second year students with a central location to find out what is happeneing on campusthat second year students should know about.

Monthly E-Newsletter
Each month, the Year 2 @ CSU Board sends an e-newsletter to second year students letting them know what's happening on and around campus and providing important information about how to navigate the second year.

Resources for Second Year Students
Because being a second year student brings new experiences and challenges for you as you continue to navigate the college experience, we provide a list of resources specific to second year students and avaliable throughout the year.

Second Year Experience Blog
Read the monthly blog chronicling current second year students' experiences!

For more information on programs for second year students, contact us at, (970) 491-6011.