Meet Your Year 2 @ CSU Board

Kaylie serves as your Residential Experiences Coordinator.

Kaylie is is from Boulder, CO and is studying Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts.

Kaylie couldn't only choose one favorite memory. One of her favorite memories during her second year were living with two of the friends that she met in her freshman residence hall. Her other favorite memory was getting involved with Camp Kesem at CSU to support children through and beyond their parent's cancer. She also really enjoyed going on the trip to CSU Mountain Campus with Year 2 @ CSU!

Matt serves as your Outdoor Experiences Coordinator.

Matt is from Los Angeles, CA and is studying Health and Exercise Science: Sports Medicine.

His favorite memory during his second year began with struggling balancing his schedule during first semester. He did not do as well as he hoped academically, was overcommitted, and less social because of it. He learned his lesson and second semester switched around his act, was a TA for one of the courses he had struggled with first semester, making a lot of friends, and was able to do the activities that he loved. Matt looks at that experience and sees growth through the change, allowing him to greatly enjoy who he became through that experience!