Transfer Student Networks

Colorado State University offers a number of networks designed specifically for new transfer students. Our networks are made up of a small number of transfer students with an interest in learning more about the resources at CSU, and making connections with other transfer students who share similar passions and interests. The networks focus on supporting your success at CSU, introduce you to opportunities for academic and social involvement, and provide direct connections to resources, services, and people at CSU.

We operate a number of unique networks designed to meet your needs, interests, and passions.

Transfer Student Networks - Students join a group that meets weekly throughout the semester (for the first 8 to 10 weeks or longer) and are paired with a Transfer Transition Leader. This program provides a flexible, non-credit opportunity that is designed to help you make the most of your college experience by providing chances to build a smaller community with a group of transfer students.  These networks are based upon a passion or interest and ask for participation in a weekly meeting and may have additional weekend commitments. Please click on the network you are interested in joining for more information and an application. The following networks will be offered during the fall 2017 semester, but may be subject to change:

Click here to join a network for fall 2017! 

If you are starting in the spring semester, you will have the opportunity to register for the following Transfer Network. Registration will open before the start of spring semester.

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Transfer Residential Communities

Transfer Residential Communities are a great option for transfer students looking for a supportive atmosphere that offers to connect them to Transfer Programs @ CSU as well as the larger CSU community. These communities are a partnership between Residence Life and Orientation and Transition Programs. For the fall 2017 semester, the following transfer community living options are available in the residence halls: 

 If you are starting in the spring semester and you are interested in the transfer floors, please contact Residence Life directly to see if spots are available. 

What are the benefits of participating in a Transfer Student Network or living in a Transfer Residential Community?

  • Making immediate connections with members of the CSU community including current CSU transfer students and other new transfer students who share your interests and passions
  • Additional support provided by a Transfer Transition Leader 
  • Programming and resources designed to meet the diverse needs and wants of transfer students
  • Make connections with other transfer students who may share similar passions and interests
  • Develop support networks with current students and staff

For more information contact Brett Caskey, Coordinator for Transition Programs at (970) 491-6011 or